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CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ is a curated retail brand extension of Robin Wilson Home, a leading retail brand and hypoallergenic options, developed and created by designer Robin Wilson who brings her focus on wellness, chic style and sustainable options to offer high quality, unique merchandise to a discerning consumer. 

Our firm has a 20 year history. In the past decade, we have successfully diversified with a "boxed delivery brand" to ensure that both residential and hospitality customers receive products with 'minimal touches' to ensure they arrive "clean" to the destination, a necessary management for a time when we need clean product offerings during a global pandemic. 

From the foundation to the furnishings, we focus on CLEAN DESIGN protocols ensuring items are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, sustainable and non-toxic. We only select items that we would use in our residence and focus on limited edition and classic selections of each item.

We hope you enjoy your box delivery as much as we enjoy sending it to you.

We follow CLEAN DESIGN protocols - our online products are shipped direct from the warehouse - limiting who might be touching your merchandise. 


“Robin Wilson, who built a lifestyle brand over 20 years and was named to INC magazine "Top 100 Female Founders" in 2020. The first woman with a line of custom cabinetry sold nationwide; The first woman to license her name to eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry the 2nd black woman with a Bed Bath & Beyond line.”

Robin Wilson, is a lifelong allergy and asthma sufferer , she grew up with facing asthma and allergies and requiring recurrent hospitalization. For that reason, and given that 1 in 4 people (60 million Americans) are affected by allergies or asthma, she build her lifestyle brand as a visionary woman focus on simple solutions creating elegant, practical, sophisticated, eco friendly, sustainable and hypoallergenic set of products that will change your home environment - creating fewer asthma triggers and management of allergens.

Says Robin, “CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ website and brand identity better reflects market-leading position and clearly demonstrates an eco-friendly wellness mindset of our clients across the globe.”

Our iconic black-and-white logo evokes a feeling of sophistication. The outer circle represents the eco-system in your living space and our global eco-system sustainability focus. 

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Home is supposed to be our sanctuary, but many products can add toxins to our environment and your ecosystem. We source and have created our own products that are minimalist in design and impact positive to your health. Our products do not contain added urea formaldehyde, phthalates or toxic adhesives which can add to the chemical load in your living or work space. We also provide information to help you maintain wellness.


When a product has passed screening and is about to be added our site, our founder asks the best question: would anyone allow a baby's skin next to this product? CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ is the highly selective brand that will exclude items linked to skin irritations, hormone disruption and known health issues. Solutions for healthy, hypo-allergenic lifestyles.


Eco-conscious from the foundation to the furnishings is our core mission. We recognize that protecting the global environment requires good sourcing, ingredients, packaging and holistic decisions about our product mix and recycled or no-waste packaging. For example, some of our wood product options use sustainable cork, teak, bamboo, and vintage woods. Other products up-cycle steel, aluminum, glass and metals. Our focus is guided by our commitment to the Earth and ALL humans. 

Clean Design 

We have curated a set of products that will change your home environment - creating fewer asthma triggers and management of allergens. Most people see amazing results: fewer allergy symptoms and asthma triggers lead to easier breathing and wellness.