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CLEAN DESIGN HOME® Mattress Collection.

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Pillows. Sheets. Comforters.

Better Rest = Energy. Health. Wellness.

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From Furnishings to Furniture.

CLEAN DESIGN HOME® for every lifestyle.

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Clean Design Bathroom

Robes. Towels. Bath Tabs.

Luxury Supima™ cotton is low-lint to limit dust. Add aromatherapy and find new ways to relax.

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CLEAN DESIGN HOME® is a solution-based brand for the allergen-aware consumer

Did you know?

CLEAN DESIGN HOME® is the leading brand for allergen-aware lifestyles.

Our brand is curated by an allergy and asthma expert using 'prevention and protection' as the hallmarks of the luxury product array at an affordable price for your household.

Luxury Cotton Linens.

Start with the bedding. You spend one-third of your life sleeping. Try CLEAN DESIGN HOME® x Martex luxury bedding made with Supima™ cotton. Woven at less than 5 microns to minimize allergic triggers! And when was the last time you washed or replaced your pillow?

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Enjoy Your Best Rest.

With a CLEAN DESIGN HOME®anti-allergen mattress, and our CLEAN DESIGN HOME® x Martex linens - you will sleep better resulting in better performance, energy and wellness. When was the last time you slept all night?

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Clean Design Bathroom

Turn Your Bath into a Spa Experience.

Washing off the pollen from outside and toweling off with luxury Supima™ cotton will change your bath into a luxurious spa moment!

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Wedding Registry. I Do.

Connect family and friends to our CLEAN DESIGN HOME® brand on Macy's plus enjoy an extra 10-20% off most remaining registry items for 6 months after you tie the knot.

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Heart of Home. Kitchen.

From the basic salt and pepper shakers to round ice molds to tabletop to small appliances. We have options that will keep your family focused on wellness.

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Kids Stuff. Start Right.

From toddler to tween. Simple solutions for developing an allergen-aware family.

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