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Microfiber Duster


Our microfiber duster is reusable, stylish and the microfiber cloth can be washed for sustainability. A stylish way to keep your space cleaner!

  • Convenient: the stainless steel telescoping duster pole, expands to 24 inches and the duster head is detachable for washing.
  • Home Cleaning: the microfiber duster with extension pole can be applied to clean windows, walls, sofas, fans, tables, cars and so forth, making your cleaning process easier. 
  • Multipurpose: allows both dry and wet usage.
  • Long Term Use: Duster is made of microfiber material, soft and washable, with a stainless-steel pole
  • Perfect for: homes, dormitories, vehicles.

Assorted colors: orange, red, blue, green, purple, rose red, blue and gray